Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr.


Life of MLK


By now, in the 21st Century, Martin Luther King, Jr., is not an obscure name; it’s widely known. There is a reason why Dr. King is taught in classrooms across the country, and students as young as 9 or 10 are introduced to his life and words. 

While oft quoted and referenced, the finer details and speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., are not readily known, which is why I created The Life of Martin Luther King, Jr., resource. 

With regard to social justice and change, our great nation has come a long way– in large part because of King’s work– but we also need to remind ourselves that the work is not done. This is why this is one of my favorite sets of activities to use in the classroom– it teaches students so much more than just the “I Have a Dream” speech and shows how King’s advocacy and his voice are still relevant, nay necessary, today. 


This product goes beyond having students learn just the biographical facts of Dr. King and listening to the “I Have a Dream Speech”. It allows students to dive into his life and legacy to really understand the impact King’s life made and hear other moving speeches he delivered.  It’s layered and dynamic approach to King and his work engages students and incorporates student choice, while also getting them to analyze and think critically without them even realizing! Sneaky, huh? 

There are a total of 5 unique activities that take around 2 class days to complete. The activities teach and assess a range of skills including listening and notetaking, research and analysis, and even writing! 


  • Life of MLK Video Notes {It’s not you lecturing, so already your students will be pretty stoked!}

  • Life of MLK Webquest

  • Speech Analysis Activity {Students get to CHOOSE the speech!}

  • Motivational Quote Analysis Activity

  • Writing Reflection 

Simply the Best

To make this activity an easy roll-out for you, busy teacher, I have included the answer key and provided both digital and paper versions making it perfectly adaptable for distance learning, in-person learning, and even a hybrid of both! 

Upon purchase, you will receive a link that takes you right to Google Drive and prompts you to make a copy. {That way you can save it to your personal Drive and use it over and over!} If you’re assigning this through Google Classroom, you can easily create an assignment and attach the Google Slides file. {Make sure you select “Each student gets a copy”!}

I really hope you and your students enjoy learning about the life of such a great person who led an extraordinary life and whose legacy outlives us all. 

Looking for more? 

  • If you’re just interested in the digital version, you can purchase that here.

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Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr.


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