• vip-history-club-monthly-subscription

VIP History Club-Monthly Subscription

  • vip-history-club-monthly-subscription

The VIP History Club is a monthly subscription service designed specifically for history teachers. With a membership, you’ll receive access to 10 valuable resources each month, including lesson plans, activities, and educational materials. Best of all, the cost of membership is very low, making it an affordable way to enhance your teaching and engage your students in the study of history AND you get a FREE 5 day trial to see how amazing the Club is!

$17.00 / Month and 5 Days free trial


What is the VIP History Club?

Think of the VIP History Club as the concierge desk at your favorite hotel!  You walk up, tell the desk what you need, what you want, and the concierge desk packages everything together for you and makes your life easier!  That is EXACTLY what The History Club will do for you!  As a member of the VIP History Club, you are going to get resources that YOU NEED sent directly to you when you need them!

At the beginning of each month, you will have access to a Google Form with ALL of the resources you have to choose from-THERE ARE HUNDREDS!  Every month, you are going to get TEN resources deposited into your download folder.  SEVEN of those resources will be what you choose from the Google Form, the other THREE will be things immediately added to your folder-They may be a set of daily agenda slides, holiday-themed worksheets, or recorded mini-trainings!

You are going to have access to my ENTIRE LIBRARY of resources as well as FIRST ACCESS to all new resources that I add!

Want to just check it out?  When you join, you will have a FIVE-day FREE trial period where you can either stay or go!  You will receive your 10 resources during that trial time that will be totally yours to keep!

What makes the VIP History Club different from other subscription services?

You are getting a personalized experience with the VIP History Club subscription-It is unlike ANY other subscription service out there for teachers!  Think about starting the month off with EXACTLY what you need for your curriculum plans for the month, and now you have all this free time to do ANYTHING else!

What types of resources will be available to me as a VIP History Club Member?

To see what you will be able to choose from, click the links below:

  • Ancient Civilizations Resources
  • World History Resources
  • American History Resources
  • California History
  • Holiday Resources
  • Classroom Organization Resources
  • Word Wall and Boom Decks
  • Training Videos

As I add resources to my store, they will be added to your list of things to choose from!  So, you can either buy it separately OR make it one of your SEVEN choices to be added to your folder!

How do I join?

All you need to do is decide if you want to pay month-to-month or yearly!  If you pay monthly, you will be charged on the last week of each month, and then your resources will be loaded on the 1st of the month.  If you pay yearly, your resources will be loaded and ready to go by the 1st of the month each month for your first year of subscription!

If you are interested in joining the YEARLY subscription, click HERE!

The last week of each month, you will have a Google Form sent to you where you make your 5 resource choices.  Once chosen, those will be loaded into your folder by the first of the month!

How much is the subscription?

You can choose how you’d like to join-Monthly or Yearly.  The monthly fee is only $17 a month and the yearly fee is only $199 a year.  Once you join, you LOCK in that price as long as you remain an active member.  If it anytime you decide to cancel your subscription, you may rejoin, but it will be at the current price at that time.


Want to check out the Club and see what it’s all about?  When you join, you have a FIVE-DAY TRAIL period where you can see what the VIP Club is ALL about!  Within that 5 day period, you will receive your TEN resources (7 of which you choose) and they will be yours to KEEP!

I still have questions…

I’d love to answer your questions, please feel free to email me at julia@historyfromthemiddle.com


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