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Occupations of the Past

This activity has students choose one of 4 major occupations that analyzes the past, and research it!  Students will choose from the 4 occupations, and then watch a detailed video on that occupation.  Once they complete the video, they will summarize that occupation in written form.

The Stone Age

When was the Stone Age? How was Stonehenge created? Why was it created? These (and many others) are essential questions students will be able to answer by working through this set of activities!

Early Man Flip Book

This is a FUN and engaging activity for your study of the major hominid groups in your class and is PERFECT for Distance Learning! It includes a Flipbook, in both digital and paper version, that depicts the lives of Australopithecus, Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus, Neanderthal and Homo Sapien. This activity also includes a Power Point that details the info of each of these hominid groups. Enjoy!

Lucy the Australopithecus-WebQuest

This is a Distance Learning activity and is a FUN and EASY to use WebQuest to introduce the discovery of Lucy the Australopithecus to your students! It includes both a DIGITAl version as well as a PAPER version.


Students will watch an introductory video, access a website for their WebQuest and then write a summary on their learning.

Paleolithic VS Neolithic

Studying the Paleolithic and Neolithic ages is essential when teaching Early Man, and what better way to do it than with a series of fun, yet informational, activities!

Cro-Magnon VS Neanderthal

This is a GREAT activity to compare and contrast the characteristics of Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal! This resource includes both a DIGITAL and PAPER version!

Otzi- CSI Investigation

One of the most interesting stories of Early Man is Otzi the Iceman! Students love learning about Otzi and where he was found, examining the theories behind what happened to him, and based on their research, coming to their own conclusions. It’s the perfect CSI-type activity to engage students in the learning, research, and writing process!


Early Man Word Wall and Boom Card Deck

This bundle includes the Introduction to Early Man Word Wall Bundle that includes both a word wall set and a set of 5 activities to do with each of the words! This bundle ALSO includes a Boom Deck in which students can Independently practice ALL of the words within the word wall at their own pace!

Daily Agenda Slides-Early Man

Are you looking for an easy way to display student learning and expectations for your students everyday? These Daily Agenda Slides are a PERFECT way for you to start each class off organized and ready to go!


Early Man (and studying Ancient civilizations) is SO fascinating! So why not make it even better with an entire BUNDLE jam-packed with activities to engage and interest your students?


This bundle has everything to keep your students learning and engaged, including a CSI Investigation, videos, a Webquest, vocabulary study, flipbook creation, daily agenda slides, close reading, and even a BONUS interactive notebook!


Planning fun and engaging lessons can take time and this resource is designed to take the planning off of your plate so you can watch your students learn!


This entire set of activities is designed to be an easy, no-prep approach to the study of Early Man and Ancient Civilizations. No more looking for websites and videos to go with your lessons, this has it all included! Use it all or just a few, you choose!



What’s Included 

Digital versions of three WHOLE weeks of highly engaging activities to use in your study of Early Man and Ancient Civilizations!



– Otzi: CSI Investigation

– Stone Age Activity

– Early Man Flip Book Activity

– Lucy the Australopithecus WebQuest

– Paleolithic VS Neolithic Activity

– Cro-Magnon VS Neanderthal Activity

– Occupations of the Past Activity

-Early Man Word Wall Activity

-Early Man Boom Deck

*I have included my Daily Agenda Slides-Early Man edition for FREE!


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