5 Free History Class Activities for December


The end of the year is always hectic inside and outside of the classroom! You are trying to prepare for the holidays, while also preparing grades for the end of the semester, wrapping up projects, hosting parent-teacher conferences, and much more. I know this time of year, you could use a bit of ease and simplicity, which is why I am sharing five history class activities you can get for free – just to make your December a bit easier!

I will talk about five different freebies below, but all of them can be found in my History Club. The History Club is essentially a freebie library made just for middle school history teachers! All you have to do is enter your name and email, and you’ll get immediate access to the club.

When you join the History Club, you get access to all the freebies currently in the library, plus any freebies I add in the future. I send emails each month letting you know what new activities have been added.

Free History Class Activities

#1 Desktop Images

Desktop images help you stay organized.

I don’t know about you, but my computer can easily become a disorganized mess. Between downloading activities, typing up documents, and looking at online submissions, my desktop is cluttered in no time.

While this isn’t an activity, it will help you organize your class history class activities! These desktop images will help you organize your files and create distinct areas on your desktop to find items. Plus, it comes in a Canva doc, so you can easily edit the templates to fit your specific needs.

There is a template for each month of the year. Get access to the desktop images by signing up for the History Club.

#2 History Bellringers

History class activities include bellringers, which are great for reviewing.

Bellringers are the best history class activities! They make for a great transition into the classroom, give you a moment to get set up for class, and provide a built-in content review. When you establish bellringers as a routine, students know to come in and immediately get to work – no need to prompt them day in and day out.

These free history bellringers will have you covered for the entire month of December. In the bellringers, students will be introduced to different historical events and think critically about the event. They will answer comprehension questions and deeper thinking questions. 

Get access to the December bellringers by signing up for the History Club.

#3 December Themed Coloring Pages

December coloring pages make easy early finisher activities.

We talked about the craziness of December. Weird schedule days. Students making up work. You name it – it’s probably happening in December! 

Sometimes you need something quick to put together for when students are done with their history class activities, or you have downtime in class. These December coloring pages will do the trick! Simply print out the pages, get some coloring utensils ready, and have them in a spot students can easily access.

These coloring pages are perfect for middle school because they are more intricate. They also include various historical, cultural, and holiday themes. Get access to the coloring pages by joining the History Club.

#4 Agenda Slides

These daily agenda slides can be used to showcase you history class activities.

This is the time of year when things can easily go haywire. Student behavior is all over the place, and your classroom routine might look a little different with various schedules, exams, and so on.

With these agenda slides, you can outline the history class activities for the day and give students a heads-up on any changes. That way you can avoid lots of confusion and, “What are you doing?!” questions. (Although, you’ll probably still get some of those questions. They are middle schoolers, after all.)

The December agenda slides are winter themed, so they are not only practical but pretty cute as well! I also have agenda slides for each month of the year. Get access to it all by joining the History Club.

#5 To-Do List Notebook Pages

Keep track of your to-do list with this free download.

Nothing feels better than checking items off the list this time of year. Grades turned in? Check! Lessons planned for after winter break? Check! 

Feel organized, and accomplished, with these to-do list pages. I have three different to-do list pages you can simply print off and check it once, check it twice as you get ready for winter break.

Get access to the to-do list pages by joining the History Club.

I hope these free history class activities keep you sane during the holidays! I hope they make planning for the new year easier, while also helping you stay organized amidst all the chaos.
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5 Free History Class Activities for December


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