• Text says Literature Circle Jobs and is sitting on top of a light wood image.

Literature Circle Jobs Worksheets

  • Text says Literature Circle Jobs and is sitting on top of a light wood image.



Looking for a way to create opportunities for collaboration, discussion, and interest while also getting students to read literature? The perfect way to accomplish this is through literature circles!


With literature circles, each student has a role and is responsible for one aspect of the small group discussion. With everyone fulfilling their role, what results is a dynamic, lively, and engaging discussion!


What’s Included 

This resource includes both PAPER and DIGITAL versions of FIVE literature circle job sheets that are ready to print (or assign in Google Classroom) and go!

-Connections Master

-Detail Detective


-Word Investigator

-Graphic Designer

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What Others Are Saying

  • “I absolutely love this!  I was able to send it to my students via Google Classroom with ease!  I can’t wait to use this tomorrow/Monday!  Low prep, easy to use, engaging, and illustrated great!”
  • “I’ve yet to find the perfect lit study resource.  I think this might just be it.  It’s low prep, easy to use, and not too cutesy for 5th graders.”
  • “This was easy for my students to use and they continued reading in book clubs while distance learning via Zoom and breakout rooms.”

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Your purchase includes one copy to be used in a single classroom, if you are looking for multiple copies, be sure to purchase additional licenses.


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